Welcome to my T__YPE portfolio.

Viktor and Rolf

Viktor and Rolf's spring/summer collection 2019 - Conture Collection encorporates lots of different styles of Type. They use it to add affect and drama to their garments. I created a sample from chocolate wrappers and added type from other throw away materials.

Viktor and Rolf

Collages inspired by type

Beauty Is Pain
What Is Manly

Photos of Type

Type is everywhere, it's on clothes, shoes, food packaging, toiletries - it's everywhere.

As part of this T_ype project, I photographed different throw away materials with type on then levelled the images using Photoshop to add vibrancy to the photos. Click on the images to see all 8. 

Design Illustrations 

Another element of the Type project was to design four garments that are inspired by type. I chose 'Empowered', 'Imacculate', 'Never' and 'Perfection' because I think the garments really mirror these words. 

Final Garment 

To create this final garment, I used an old shirt and two piairs of old shorts. I used two colours of denim shorts - blue and black and a white shirt becuase the colours complement each other 

Final Piece 

The Type used on this garment says 'Flawless'